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Togo needs to be placed higher on our list of needs at this time $35 is not much to ask monthly to take care of his housing at least.

The people who are coming to his church are needy, as most of our folks are, they seek us out because they know we have compassion which is sorely lacking in many churches today.

Many pastors in Togo are greedy, Pastor Francis has integrity. I hope to have some pictures to put on next month.

Dear Mama Lila Jane Tibbitts

I thank you very much for the money you've sent to our victims.I pray that the Lord will replenish you hundred folds in Jesus Name.

The money is to be used for the needs of those of whom it is destined. As you say I should use part of it for my family needs, it can't be so; we have a committee of three women and one man that take care of any money that comes in for that purpose.

BMI in Togo is full of abandoned children, drug addicts who were won for Christ, and petty traders.

Sometimes I have to go out and do some labourer work to be able to pay my house rent which is about 35 dollars monthly and to take care of my wife and my three daughters who are schooling. Thank God the Church is growing, we are getting to 200 in numbers both adults and children. It is a sacrifice I am doing to set an example for others. I don't get money from anywhere except from you. May God bless you for all what you are doing. I will never disappoint you. I am doing what I can and I am going to do more by the grace of God. Thank God for what you've done, we are grateful.

In Jesus Love,

Pastor K.K.Francis.


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