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Christmas 2018

Our dear loved ones;

Here we are at the end of another year, where has it gone? It seems there are so many things still to do, and at this point we have come to the realization that if it didn’t get done, it will be done in this New Year 2019. So many of our loved ones have gone to be with Jesus in many of our families, special times like Christmas we miss them very much.

We want you to know how special you are to us. I was thinking how many children our Grandparents had and even though they did not have all the “things” we have today they had peace, and most gifts received were all hand-made with love. Money cannot buy love and peace. I remember a story my Mom used to tell about her childhood; there were 12 children in her family, Papa was a farmer with cows and chickens running all over the place and an Ice House from the lake. Grammy washed clothes and cooked and cooked. It was Christmastime, and the couple that owned the village store had “store bought clothes” and they had a little girl who paraded around in her store- bought clothes. Grammy had made blue dresses for my Mom and Aunt Winnie, with new ribbons in their hair, they felt pretty. This little girl reminded them that her clothes were store-bought. My Aunt Winnie had quite a lisp, and she said,” that’s becauth your mother duthent know how to thew!” Whether we have lots of family wealth or not, as Christians we have what we need, and there is a great difference between greed and need. Once again, I look at parents straining to give their children all that they want, how about we teach them about the goodness of the Lord and stop giving “things” that don’t last as in the joy of knowing Jesus.

Recently in our Bible Study Group, we had a discussion on SIN! We tend to rate sin into categories, A, B and C. There is no sin worse than another to the Lord, and aren’t you glad that God is the judge, we don’t have to do it. We all have areas in our lives that need purification, and we know it (if we’re honest) so let’s stop judging others and get ourselves right before our glorious Lord Jesus! Ask Holy Spirit to show you the areas you need to get sorted out and just do it, so we can start the New Year off clean before the Lord. Some of these sins keep sneaking up on us, just when we think they are conquered, hmmm…perhaps deliverance is needed. Staying clean before the Lord is not a “one-time-thing” it is daily recognizing what is in this magnificent body the Lord has made. Just remember, God gave His only begotten Son Jesus, so can receive his forgiveness and grace in our lives daily. Don’t let the enemy of our souls Satan, steal away your joy. It is all up to us now to do things Gods way and listen to Holy Spirit. Remember, He promised to lead us into all truth, but we must follow His leading.

God made all things beautiful in His sight, we have impaired vision at times. Look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith in Hebrews along with Galatians 5:1 and Philippians 4, start applying it to your own life.

This letter will be going out to those who are family and friends, those who give to Bridge Ministries and those who do not give money, but love… we thank you all so much.

We have just come through a period that has not been easy for us; Frank burned himself badly with a heating pad and we did not discover it for quite a while. He cannot feel certain parts of his body and part of the buttocks. It was a 6x6 wound and a wound nurse has been here every day since the end of August. Having nurses in to see him and dress the wound was hilarious at first pride had to go; all our nurses have been Christians and wonderful as is his precious Dr. Lopez Nunes at the VA it is almost totally healed. I have a shaking in my hands, they are called intentional tremors, from having Malaria while in the Philippines, so I could never be sure to get the dressings where they needed to go. He fell one day in the office and before he could go to the Podiatrist, they wanted x-rays of his legs and they found he has broken bones on the side of his right foot, but we will get through this as well.

Ministry in the Philippines is growing more and more all the time. Our Headquarters Building in Alae has some renovations going on by Pastors Paul and Nancy Roberts with whom we share the building. Our Alae Christian Church has been up-graded, it is so lovely. We have more outreaches, and a van for transportation for the workers. The Bridge of Love ACE School has also been renovated, teachers properly qualified and parents taking responsibility. The Headquarters church in Cotobato, under President Benn Moquete, has also been renovated and we continue with the land purchase. They have so many outreaches there and Cotabato is the center of Muslim activity. When I flew into Davou I was under heavy guard. In fact, our three pastors’ bus was ambushed, and they were very late arriving and were stripped of all belongings. We have been working in the Philippines since 1976. So many churches and too few workers, therefore Pastor Benn is training more men and women to go forth. Even though Davou where Cotabato is quite a distance from Bukidon where Alae is located there are differences in Cebuano, the language spoken on the Island of Mindanao. Ghana and Togo are steadily growing, as is Pakistan but so are the needs. Pray for the United States, Canada and President Trump.

We wish you a Blessed Christmas and New Year, thank you for loving us, we love you and pray for you, remember to pray for us. Thanks so much for your giving!

In Jesus love,

Frank & Lila Jane

Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, and today, and forever Hebrews 13:8




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