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June/July/August 2018

So much has happened in the past few months. I post a lot of things on Facebook under Bridge Ministries Inc. and keep forgetting to update it on our web page. Our son-in law, Michael Eggers cannot update what I don’t give him.

The end of June, our son, Jeff celebrated his 60th Birthday by having a family reunion in the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia. A beautiful home filled with family. We all brought our Crokinole Boards, a Canadian Game and had at least two games going evenings. The Tibbitts Family is very competitive, it was loud noisy and FUN! Our Daughter in law Linda and Jeff made sure there were provisions ready, and we had four other Birthdays to celebrate as well!!! There were eleven of us altogether. This was especially meaningful to me, because my brother and I would do this every summer in Maine and now both he and my sister have passed on to Glory! We got to love on our great-grandchildren. Our family is spread out, Maine, Virginia, Texas and Florida! We had firework, before we left on July 1 st.

The end of July Frank started experiencing a lot of arthritic pain, so we are still going through MRI’s to get to the bottom of this.

In July, we helped our Headquarters church in Alae purchase a small jeepney to get to their outreach ministries in 6 different barrios near the mountain areas. This Jeepney can also be used as a passenger van to bring money into the ministry. Alae is on the west central side of the Island of Mindanao.

On the Southeastern side of Mindanao, (The Muslim Area) we have started purchasing land for another church building and headquarters in that area. We need another $1200 to complete the purchase. This is part of the 5 Provinces the President of the Philippines gave to the Muslims due to the havoc they have created, and gave them funding to improve their living conditions and help with the squalor and poverty they live in. This is Rev. Benn Moquete, the President of BMI Philippines who dug the well and allowed the Muslims to use the well. Many Muslims have come to Jesus due to this! The Feeding Program is a huge help to these people who are starving. Lot of converts being water baptized, so many good things happening. A church finished in Dingadin.

Our Learning Bridge School (ACE) just celebrated their Induction Ceremony with Rev. Elias Pingol and Rev. Azor Taganas, our Principal bringing the message in Alae this month.

Togo and Ghana are all growing in numbers and outreaches, it takes a lot of patience, money, stamina and determination to get to these unreached areas. Villages where there is no electricity

Therefore, they must take a generator to show the “Jesus Film.” These people have never heard of Jesus.

Pakistan is on the back-burner right now until we get the Philippines straightened away.

We just changed Overseers in Canada, Rev. Mary Fay Parks is our new overseer as of August 1, 2018, she has been with us since the 1990’s.

We will see how many pictures our web master can get on here this month for you.

Go to our web page to get our information. Tibbitts at BMI also works!

Thank you for our support and encouragement.

In Jesus love,

Frank & Lila Jane



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