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Easter 2019

Just a few more days and it will be Easter! It's certainly not about bunnies and candy, not sure where that ever came from, but it's here!

Matt. 27:22 "Pilate asks the question, what shall we do with Jesus which is called Christ?" They (the rabbi's leading the people) said, "Let him be crucified."

Pilate had to make the decision; his wife had a strange dream concerning Jesus and questioned Pilate. Pilate knew it was wrong to do what the Jewish Leadership wanted him to do, so instead of making that decision to crucify Jesus, he just washed his hands indicating that this was not his decision...but it was!

I ask you right now, "what will you do with Jesus, the Christ? It is so easy to say words, but following in the footsteps of our Lord is not quite as easy, there will be sacrifices and hardships at times. This isn't about religious ceremonies or legalism; this is about you and me and our relationship with Jesus who laid down His life for you and me.

What will you do with Jesus, the Christ?

In Jesus love,

Frank & Lila Jane

Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, and today, and forever Hebrews 13:8




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