Bridge Ministries


April 2018

Dear Folks:
Just a few days before Resurrection Sunday, and about all we see are Easter Bunnies and candy, not much of anything Christian. Every church is having a Cantata or a program of some sort, hoping that the Easter and Christian Folks will come in and get saved. As far as I can see, I believe people need people reaching into their lives with more than a handshake and a God bless you.

People are going to come running to get saved soon, when they see what is happening; are you ready for an explosion into your nice comfortable way of life? Surprise!! We get so concerned about things that just don’t really matter at all. I’ve got a water purifier and some of the survival food Praise God, but our young people do not have a clue what to do in challenging times, no flushing toilet…. oh no!!!!

Some of us remember how to take care of the basics, but our dependency really must be on God Almighty. Holy Spirit is real, and we’d better start trusting Him now, listening to Him and obeying, not just when it seems convenient. I wish we lived closer, there are few people who are really close to the Lord and to us here, where we can really discuss what is in our hearts and what Holy Spirit is showing us, you are probably in the same boat. Oh yes, we have some self-proclaimed prophets running around, people interpreting dreams etc.…and they have followers. Some of these people have no common sense whatsoever.

Thanks so much for your continued support, the Muslims are on the attack again in the Philippines, and they want us to come over, Frank could never make the trip again, until his healing takes place, which may happen soon. “I Can Only Imagine,” … we need to start imagining and believing! We are praying for you all, please keep us in prayer.

Loads of Jesus love,
Frank and Lila Jane

2018 Bridge Ministries Inc.