Bridge Ministries
Rev. Frank & Rev. Lila Jane Tibbitts

Frank and Lila Jane

Missionaries, Evangelists, Church Planters

Frank and Lila Jane are Founder-Directors of Bridge Ministries Inc. based in Titusville, FL in the United States.  They have been Missionary/Evangelists for over 62 years, ministering throughout the United States; the United Kingdom; Canada, Bahamas; Philippines; Ghana, Togo; Nigeria; Liberia, India and Pakistan. They are Church Planters, having established a churches in Northern Ireland; 52 churches in the Philippines; West Africa and India and Pakistan.

They are registered as a Non-Profit Incorporation in the United States with 501 (c) (3) status bringing Bridge Ministries Inc under the Full Gospel Ministerial and Church Fellowship in Texas; and are registered with the SEC in Ghana, Togo and the Philippines; and as a Non-Profit Charity in Canada, registered with Revenue Canada.
Presently, they are pastors of Bridge Ministries in Titusville, Florida. They minister to drug addicts; alcoholics, and have a wonderful group of steadfast Christians who help support their efforts. People are coming to the Lord, which is their goal.

Frank and Lila Jane have recently celebrated 62 years of marriage, and have three children with families of their own. Frank attended Husson Business College, but discovered business was not what he wanted to do, so joined the USAF Security Service and had a distinguished Military Career, receiving many awards. While serving in the military, he became an alcoholic and during that difficult time was drawn back to the Lord. Lila Jane had no understanding of salvation, having been brought up in a very liberal church. The entire family came to know Jesus Christ as Lord in 1967, and He changed their lives. Lila Jane soon after coming to know the Lord, enrolled at Washington Bible College and Capitol Bible Seminary in D.C.  Frank was allowed to audit all of her classes while still in the Air Force. After that wonderful time of refreshing and excitement of knowing the reality of Jesus Christ, he received orders to serve his country in Viet Nam, and was able to minister to many while there. When he returned from Viet Nam, he and the family received an assignment to England. Frank was given License to preach in the Baptist Denomination both in England and in the United States in 1971 which he still holds.

After retirement in 1973, they were appointed as pastors in a little Baptist Church, in Baring, ME that had five members, on 1975, after receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the church grew to 85 and became a “Bapti-Costal Church.” They both were ordained by the Full Gospel Ministerial and Church Fellowship International and hold Lifetime Membership with them. their present headquarters are in Rockland, Maine. This interdenominational fellowship was organized in 1939 and includes members in Canada and the United States. They are also members of Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Minister International in Texas. Lila Jane was named Outstanding Young Woman of Maine in 1971, while Frank served in Viet Nam; and in England was named Outstanding United States Air Force Security Wife of the year in 1972. Lila Jane has been published in the Outstanding Book of Poets in 2004-5, and in 2007 became a published author, having written "Through the Eyes of a Child."

Frank and Lila Jane started the ministry in the Philippines in 1983, lived and bought a headquarters building, and lived there for three years. They periodically return to make sure all is running smoothly. Lila Jane has taken ministry trips to the Ghana, Togo, Liberia and Nigeria, sharing the vision of Bridge Ministries with pastors and Christian Workers, helping them build spiritual bridges in West Africa. We have recently extended our ministry to Pakistan and India, and have had over 210,000 people saved since February 2009 to the present. We also have Bridge Ministries Michigan; Rev. John Studebaker; and Rev. Leslie & Jacinthe Hubley in Canada at the helm.

Frank and Lila Jane are Songwriter-Composers registered with ASCAP, and have eight albums to their credit and those eight albums have now been digitally mastered to produce CD's. They have an excellent music ministry that is very personal, often referred to, as unique, they just aren't too sure what unique means!  If you would like a CD or a book, please send us an e-mail and we will get in touch right away.

There is a definite anointing on their ministry of preaching, teaching, prophecy, deliverance and music. They are down to earth and approachable. The Holy Spirit has liberty in their meetings. Should you have any questions regarding this ministry, please feel free to write or call: 864-295-2643 Rev. & Mrs. Duree Propeus, 105 Staunton Ct. Greenville, SC 29611-7732. May the Lord bless your ministry, as you serve God and those the Lord has called you to minister to!

With the love of Christ Jesus,

Frank and Lila Jane Tibbitts

2019 Bridge Ministries Inc.