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As we look back to the late “70’s”, we find our greatest accomplishment in Nova Scotia was training others for the ministry, and encouraging visiting ministries. We had a television ministry called, "Perspective" for over five years in Digby, Nova Scotia. We touched many hearts through this ministry as well as Nursing Homes and local functions within our area. We have ministered at Women’s Aglow and Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowships throughout the Maritimes.

We find that Canada is a very needy place spiritually, as is the United States. In the midst of having so much in the physical realm, the need for true spirituality is truly lacking. The last poll that was taken in Canada, said that less that 2% of Canadians were born again believers. There are many church- goers but as we all know, it takes more than sitting in a church pew to proclaim Christianity. Having said that...We are so thankful that God is THE righteous judge, aren't you?

Rev. Mary Fay Parks is our new Canadian overseer, Fay has been a part of BMI since its inception in Canada. Fay has lived in the Digby area of Nova Scotia most of her life, and is like a lightning rod, bringing light into the darkness.

She is active in the Wesleyan Church in Digby, Teaches, Counsels and just helps in any way needed; she is a person who listens, does not pre-judge and gives good Godly advice, people seek her out. She has a group of folks she ministers to on a regular basis in Digby.

When Bridge Ministries had Fundy Christian Church, we sent her to Mission Teens, which is a Rehabilitation Organization, now with 17 Centers in the United States. She received training to become a counselor there, and they treasure her presence. She goes on a regular basis; she leads Devotions, has one on one encounters with people with major problems, and helps them come to Jesus and be strong in the Lord. When she returns, she will learn to deal with prisoners, and let them know the mission can help them get free, yes free indeed in Jesus Christ. The Mission is a Place of restoration, and she loves ministering and they love having her.

Rev. Mary Fay Parks
138 King Street Apt. 13
Digby, Nova Scotia BOV 1AO
PHONE: 902-245-6238


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