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As we look back to the late “70’s”, we find our greatest accomplishment in Nova Scotia was training others for the ministry, and encouraging visiting ministries. We had a television ministry called, "Perspective" for over five years in Digby, Nova Scotia. We touched many hearts through this ministry as well as Nursing Homes and local functions within our area. We have ministered at Women’s Aglow and Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowships throughout the Maritimes.

We find that Canada is a very needy place spiritually, as is the United States. In the midst of having so much in the physical realm, the need for true spirituality is truly lacking. The last poll that was taken in Canada, said that less that 2% of Canadians were born again believers. There are many church- goers but as we all know, it takes more than sitting in a church pew to proclaim Christianity. Having said that...We are so thankful that God is THE righteous judge, aren't you?

Some of our pastors have moved out to the Ontario area, and continue to minister, so our efforts were not in vain. Fay Parks is on fire for the Lord, continues to work with Mission Teen Rehab groups in a supportive way, and they just love her.

Rev. Leslie Hubley and Rev. Jacinthe Hubley are our Canadian overseers; they travel frequently throughout Canada, and are available to minister in your churches. They are located in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia, and can be reached for ministry at: Ph: 902-406-9221 Something is happening in Nova Scotia!, many pastors are getting a "wake-up call" to either stand up and preach the Word of God or get out of the ministry! Very few are growing in numbers and reaching out to the community with the love of Jesus Christ. So many pastors are so afraid of "rocking the boat," and are compromising the Word of God. Please pray for those who are pastors; that they would have a love for those considered "unlovely" only Jesus can make them "lovely." If He reached down His Hand to you and me, He will reach out to others. Part of the problem is this: many pastors do not want the “unlovely” in their midst!

You may or may not know this, but in Canada if you preach against homosexuality, you can be removed permanently from your pulpit. It is a good thing we are not in a popularity contest, because we lose hands down. However, this is a time for standing on the Word of God.

Rev. Leslie and Rev. Jacinthe Hubley
41 Cowie Hill Road,
Apt. 807
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3P 2M7

Ph: 902-406-8035

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