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We need to go to the United Kingdom in this New Year, ministry is always so refreshing for us…tiring too because we’re getting a little older.

The Derry’s always take care of us in England, both of them have had recent hip surgery, which will improve their movement greatly. Ministry is always well-attended and it is international in race and culture…but Jesus is always the same.
Ministry is always good in Northern Ireland, there are hungry people, and they admit it. We ministered in a few new churches, missed out on a few Women Aglow Meetings as the woman who was supposed to do the booking "forgot!" God made it up and gave us so many other new places to minister, it was wonderful.
Highway of Holiness Church has helped support us monthly for the Feeding Program we have but will stop that support as of 2014, due to their expansion in Africa. We just so appreciate all of their giving hearts and their support of missions wherever the Lord directs them.
We went to the United Kingdom in 1979 with a group of other ministries at the invitation of an Irish Evangelist. This was a life-changing experience for us! We fell in love with Ulster! We went back over in 1980 and stayed for three years. We planted Gates Of Zion Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. We were given housing in a mixed Protestant-Catholic Housing Estate, with hopes from the housing authority that we could help make a difference. In Northern Ireland. We did make a difference in Ballymena; the town drunk came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior; prostitutes came to the Lord, it turned the housing estate "right side up!" These folks went about Ballymena and button-holed many and consequently, many others came to the Lord as well. We were honored by the Mayor of Ballymena for the work the Lord did through us. Rejecting many of our folks
We turned that church over to leadership in 1983 which took it in a totally different direction; rejecting many of our folks who went to a ministry named Victory Christian Fellowship under the ministry of Robert and Rosemary McCauley who have picked up where we left off.; and welcome us back every time we return to Ballymena. Some of our other folks now attend New The Hope Center in Ballymena, where leadership has loved folks back into fellowship, Praise be to God!
When will the hatred stop? When Jesus becomes more than a five letter word to all of these terrorists on both sides! That's why we continue to go over there to minister.
We have ministered in all Denominational churches, large and small; in Non-denominational Churches. We were even invited to minister to a Catholic Charismatic Group right in the heart of Belfast, and in a Monastery in an area where they build the bombs. Many have come to Jesus Christ, both in Ulster and the Republic. We have been interviewed several times on BBC Radio and the interviewer was speechless when we replied very frankly to his questions concerning Christian Television Programming. He said “there is too much religion don’t you think?” Lila Jane replied, ”we have an off and on button and a button that changes channels on our televisions, don’t you?”

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