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June 2018


Whataboutcha? As they say in Northern Ireland! How is the Lord treating you, and how are you treating the Lord? Are you communicating? Frank, like many of our military, served in Viet Nam. He returned home with a few problems, such as Agent Orange after effects. While at the VA here in Viera, FL. I watch people and talk to many. Many have deep-seated problems just coping with everyday life, so I always make myself available to everybody. Frank said to me, "that man has a purple heart." I watched him, he wouldn't really look anybody in the eye, so decided to go up and ask if I could see his purple heart he wore on a chain.

He said, "this is one of four purple hearts I have." I thanked him for his service and gave him a big hug, and he hugged me back. He walked away, and we didn't see him for a little while, and all of a sudden he came back. He took my hand and placed something in it, and said "this is for the both of you," he put his hand on mine and gave us a commemorative purple heart coin. It meant a lot to him and even more to us. His last name is Santiago, he didn't speak very good English, but told us," I speak Portuguese, German, Japanese and some Korean, but still learning English." He was heading out, and as I looked up, He waved and blew me a kiss, which I did in return.

Sometimes, we miss a lot when we ignore people, thinking we are just minding our own business folks. It doesn't take much effort to say hello, but in the military, we all have a bonding like none other, with the exception of the Body of Jesus Christ.

My daughter went to the commissary with us a few months ago at Patrick A.F. Station, and I looked, and she was crying. I asked her "what's wrong dear?" She replied, "it just feels so good Mom, everybody is so friendly." That's the way it is with Military Families, and that's the way it should be in our Christian Family.

Start showing the love of Jesus outwardly and you will get a response. You all know that I am not a shy person, I love Jesus, because He first loved you and me. Please, please start communicating, a smile, a touch, sometimes, that's all a person needs. Concerning this racial mess that is raising its ugly head once again...don't allow it; show respect, and you will receive respect. God help us all, walk in God's love

Dr. Lila Jane Tibbitts
Bridge Ministries Inc.
Hebrews 13:8

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