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August 2017

The Sprirt of Instnity Unleashed!

The definition of insanity according to the dictionary:

1. The state of being insane; mental illness or derangement, usually excluding amentia: (madness) technical term.

2. Law any form or degree of mental derangement or unsoundness of mind, permanent or temporary, that makes a person incapable of what is regarded legally as normal, rational conduct or judgment: it usually implies a need for hospitalization.

3. Great folly; extreme senselessness.

Why I believe a spirit of insanity has been unleashed: We have people who are not known to be terrorists stabbing people; shooting people they don't even know. Terrorists are still beheading people; Many Christians seem to be afraid of voicing their opinions for fear of being shot or stabbed. Some of the Millennial are totally out of control.

This is a good one: a young woman had just graduated from college and got herself a job, so went out to celebrate. She had a very late night, did not get in to work until 10:30 AM THE FIRST DAY on the job. The boss came to her and asked why she was late. she said "I was celebrating last night' he told her this was not acceptable. She said he was a white slave driver, was making her nervous and was rude, and she had to go to a safe place she was so frightened. He told her to pick up her things and leave. She screamed at him, when she realized she had been fired, and said she would report him for accosting her and making her afraid. This is what the Universities are now producing folks. I Timothy5:18b "A worker is worthy of his reward." Very true, but first you need to work.

Many country leaders are embracing and participating, even promoting ungodly behavior, most of you know of what I am speaking,I would be kicked off Facebook if I said it. Actresses and Actors holding a beheaded image, helping fund riots, believing this to be FUNNY OR JUST??? People walk in and out of marriage and the children have no real family life; pregnancy without marriage, not a big thing anymore, the government will take care of them; refugees coming in displacing our own homeless people, getting all of their needs met and more. There is no loyalty between leaders; that includes many churches. Truce-breakers, promise-breakers: you name it we've got it!

God only can we depend on in these last days! Are you ready to meet the Lord? John 3:16 is real! Read Hebrews 13 and be comforted 13:5 say "He will never leave us or forsake us." Put yesterday behind you, you can't do anything about it, but you can do what is right NOW! The world is in a mess, but there is peace through the blood of Jesus Christ. We love you and are praying for you!

Dr. Lila Jane Tibbitts
Bridge Ministries Inc.
Hebrews 13:8

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