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May 2019

Dear Friends and Family;

This has been a testing for endurance this past month, so many things happening!! We are all getting a little older, but our minds tell us we can still do everything, and for the most part we can, just a little slower!

We celebrated 64 years of marriage this past month our home got flooded due to somebody connected the AC drain to the hot water heater pipe, so lots of damage to the flooring, closets and all. We think probably it was a lawn care person, mostly Hispanic, probably thought he had broken something, they don’t speak much English. State Farm was very good, we hired a contractor who got the flu as did his family, just one delay after another, but it is almost finished now.

Frank is healed from the wound, no longer have a wound nurse in here every day. We went down to visit Lisa Jayne and I chased after our dog, Holly (almost blind and deaf) and fell hard on her concrete driveway, badly cut over right eye and naturally have a big shiner, still have it 3 weeks later, still swollen with bruised ribs but other than that, I am fine.

Good things are happening as we send out our $800 monthly, a new church is going up in the Philippines, and the ACE School is going well. The churches are becoming full and more Muslims are coming to Jesus, just had 140 water baptized last week. We cannot show pictures due to Muslim hatred for Christians. Togo now has a church building and continues to go into the Tribal Areas and reaching many as is Charles Mensah in Ghana. Anybody want to go to the Philippine Islands with me? As soon as I can raise the money for the trip and money to take care of transport over there I will be going.

We are all preparing for Easter, Resurrection Day…when we think of where and what we used to be, and how our Jesus paid the price for us, it is amazing isn’t it! Praise God for His grace in our lives, and just know there is so much more God wants to do WITH ALL OF US! Thanks again for your support in prayer & monetarily.,

In Jesus love,

Dr. Lila Jane Tibbitts
Bridge Ministries Inc.
Hebrews 13:8

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